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Hello, I am Theo, a Business planning Expert, Agriculturalist, Humanitarian and spontaneous Content Creator. I am also a catholic wife and mother. I am passionate about my catholic faith, personal development, Plants, Gardening and an endless list of things that make life fun and worthwhile. You are Warmly Welcome!!!

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About Me

Hi I am Theo, And when you meet me for the very first time, the feature you will notice on me at first glance is my big beautiful Afro-hair ,and …then my smile. I love to smile. And most importantly am an introvert�� .I became a full time mother sometime in 2019. Most of my time i spend with my wonderful daughter and husband and also exploring more about my Faith with God. I am a spontanoeus writer deriving my inspirations from experiencinces, interactions and day today living. Am humbled to meet you.

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